Wellness Fair Saturday, May 30

Please see our Wellness Fair page for latest information!


wellness2015 Flyer 3

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Wellness Fair Getting Underway

scfOnce again, we are planning a Wellness Fair for the Smithtown Community.  This year we are partnering with the Smithtown Children’s Foundation and Mike’s Hike.

We are currently looking for health screenings to offer the community and wellness sponsors for the race.  If you know of anyone, please have them contact me using this online form.


mikes hike



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Looking for students to have an impact

The district wellness committee is starting up and wants to have student input.  Two students will be selected to participate based on their response to this essay contest.  The deadline has been extended until next Friday, Feb 13th.  It’s open to all 8th to 12th graders in Smithtown schools.

Essay Contest

Essay Contest

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Valentine’s Day Snack Ideas for Kids Parties 

Here are some ideas for classroom celebrations for Valentine’s Day.

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Are you Fed Up?

More and more people are getting Fed Up.  Are you?

See what Dr Hyman, one of the contributors to Fed Up, has to say in this article:  Cures in the Kitchen

Be part of the conversation:

Fed Up Facebook page

Fed Up Twitter page  #Fedupmovie

For the science geeks in us, here’s an article from MIT regarding sugar.

Haven’t seen the movie yet? Here’s a taste:


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Handouts from the district’s wellness meeting

As Smithtown’s district wellness committee gets underway, we wanted to have a shared understanding and similar knowledge base to draw from as we started to address some of the wellness issues facing our community.  We asked if anyone wanted to share.

At our second meeting, we had someone share the Dr Robert Lustig interview. See an earlier post for the link.

We also had several handouts shared by one of the high school teachers.

wellness jan 7 sugar

wellness jan 7 flu

wellness jan 7 yogurt

wellness jan 7mental health

wellness jan 7 sugar

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New Wellness Toolkit Posted

It’s a new year – time for some new programs – Check out this new list from NYS PTA. They put together a calendar for January to June of all different events and observances.   Find something for your school to get excited about!  Did you know that January is “National Thank you Month?”  Who knew?


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Fed Up with Bill Maher

Great clip from Dr Robert Lustig – he joins Bill Maher for a brief conversation about sugar.  Take a look:

For the science geeks in all of us,  here’s an article from MIT on the sugar addiction.

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Tasting Tuesday at Smithtown El

A wonderful turnout for Tasting Tuesday today! Roasted pumpkin seeds and water Infused with rosemary! YUM!


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Documentaries everyone should watch

Fed Up


The World According to Monsanto

Food, Inc.

Fast Food Nation

Two Angry Moms

SuperSize Me

King Corn

Foodmatters : you are what you eat

Hungry for Change  (also by Food Matters)

The Future of Food

Forks Over Knives

Genetic Roulette

Dirt: The Movie

Our Daily Bread

POM Wonderful presents The greatest movie ever sold

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

The Idiot Cycle (Sept 2012)


Chow Down

Food Stamped

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